There is a lot of scientific evidence to support hypnotherapy as an effective method in relieving chronic and acute pain as well as with treating various illnesses and medical conditions.  Cognitive Hypnotherapy is not to be used as an alternative to professional medical care, advice and medication, but to use alongside as a way of relaxing and alleviating many symptoms people can experience with specific health problems. 

There is growing evidence to suggest that our thoughts and emotions are inherently related to our physical health, and our resilience in dealing with health challenges.  Psychoneuroimmunologists study the effects of the mind on health and resistance to disease.  Their research shows that the immune system depletes if our minds are under a lot of stress, effecting the body's ability to fend off disease and illness.

Physical pain in the body can also be a symptom of negative thoughts and emotions.  Hypnotherapy has shown to help people with various physical problems such as ongoing back problems, headaches and migraines, restrictive movement in joints, muscle and ligament problems as well as the side effects of chemotherapy.

Within our sessions we will explore your pain and/or illness, in an attempt to alleviate and/ or eliminate the symptoms as well as release any negative emotions connected to the problem.


- 4 x face to face Chronic and acute pain management appointments. Price: $440

- 4 x Zoom video Chronic and acute pain management appointments. Price: $440


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