fears, phobias.

There are hundreds of known fears and phobias that affect approximately 10% of adults*.  These fears and phobias can come in many shapes and sizes; phobias of specific objects or animals such as scissors or spiders. Social phobias such as a party invitation, medical phobias such as needles, and situational phobias such as a fear of heights.   

How we experience our fears and phobias are unique to us as individuals.  Some people want to run away, others cry, scream, freeze up, be sick, attack…  In whatever way you experience your fear or phobia, hypnotherapy (or hypnosis) can assist you with overcoming your problem so it no longer effects your life.  

During our sessions we will work together to explore the route of your fears and phobias, so we can desensitize your emotional connection with the problem.  Enabling you to move forwards with your life, fear and phobia free.  

You will also receive a free relaxation download, enabling you to relax while your unconscious does all the hard work of helping you manage your fear or phobia.

 *(according to National Institute of Mental Health)

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