7 Step Smoking Cessation Program

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Being an ex-smoker, I understand only too well how difficult it can be to stop smoking.  Not only does nicotine high-jack our survival system making us believe that smoking is necessary for our survival, but it can also be deeply ingrained in our daily life from morning routines, to work breaks and social situations.  I understand only too well, I’ve been there!

It is widely accepted that hypnosis is an effective way for people to stop smoking, and as a Simmons Method Smoking Cessation Specialist, I have specific training in helping people stop smoking offering tools and techniques to overcome the desire to smoke. Using a 7 Step framework to change daily habits, thought patterns and associations as well as re-wiring the mind so it no longer believes it needs to smoke. Helping you become smoke free, and for good.


- 6 x face to face 7 Step Smoking Cessation Program. Price: $620 

- 6 x Zoom video 7 Step Smoking Cessation Program. Price: $620 


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